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Do Not Hit Women

Sometimes as Sensei we have to state the obvious.

Men should not hit women. This is particularly true for Karate students.

If a man is angry at a woman, he should walk away rather than resort to violence. Even if the woman starts a fight, the man should try his very best to avoid contact.

Husbands should not hit wives. Boyfriends should not hit girlfriends.

Of course, the reverse is also true. Women should not hit men. But in modern society, there is something of a presumption that the woman is the victim.

OK, if a group of ninja women were to attack a man, I would say that the man could fight back. I would. But how often do you hear about this? It is much more common to hear about a man getting mad and punching or choking his wife or girlfriend. Alcohol and drugs are often contributing factors.

My daughter has three older brothers who are martial artists (and pretty big) and me as her father. We tend to make it clear to young men that she is to be treated respectfully, or else.

Again, as Sensei we need to state these types of this things. You never know, some of our students may come from homes with domestic violence. Young men might grow up seeing the men in the family hitting or abusing women. We need to make it clear that this is wrong and not something a Karate student should do, or tolerate.


Charles C. Goodin