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Brazilian Ju Jitsu

During the last year or so, my third son, Cael, who is an assistant instructor and ni-dan in our dojo, has taken up the practice of Brazilian Ju Jitsu under Terrence Matsuno at Shoot Fight Hawaii. He also recently started practicing at O2 Martial Arts Academy. Cael is 20.

I could not be happier! Cael did not have the opportunity to study Judo for very long when he was young, and I am grateful for the opportunity for him to learn about grappling and to develop his "ground game." This has already made him a much more well rounded Karate student.

If Cael decides one day that he wants to teach Ju Jitsu, I will be very happy. To me, martial arts are all good... if the person practicing it is good. Karate is good. Ju Jitsu is good. Actually, Cael went to Kendo practice last night. He has practiced Kendo too. Kendo is good. All martial arts are good... if the person practicing it is good.

Some people might wonder why I don't want Cael to only practice Karate since I teach Karate. When I was younger I practiced several martial arts. I limited myself to Karate only because I did not have the time to continue the other arts. Also, multiple arts presented the risk of multiple injuries, particularly as I got older. But I really like all martial arts. If I had the time, I would also study Escrima, sojutsu, Ju Jitsu... I respect other martial arts and the people who teach and practice them.

Cael is young and he seems to be able to handle the rigors of practicing Karate and Ju Jitsu (as well as weightlifting). I am very proud of him, and I want people to know that I respect Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I am really impressed with its ranking system. A purple belt in Ju Jitsu is really skilled. A black belt seems to be the equivalent of a 4th or 5th dan in some Karate schools.

Cael has a tournament this weekend. Gambatte Cael (and be safe)!


Charles C. Goodin