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The Best Teacher...

This is a story.

A rich man and woman brought their 12 year old son to Miyagusuku Sensei (a made up name), who was regarded as the best Karate teacher in all of Okinawa. They arranged for their son to live and train with Miyagusuku Sensei for one year.

A year passed and the parents returned, anxious to see their son's progress. A demonstration was quickly arranged. To their surprise, it appeared that their son had learned nothing at all.

The parents were shocked and confused. Finally they asked, "Miyagusuku Sensei, you are the best Karate instructor in all of Okinawa... how is it that our son learned so little?"

"I do not know if I am the best Karate instructor in Okinawa," said Miyagusuku Sensei, "but I am certain that your son is the worst Karate student!"

Even a great Sensei needs a great student. The Sensei can set the plate, but the student must eat and digest what he is taught.

No matter how great the Sensei is, the student must also exert great effort to learn and refine his Karate.


Charles C. Goodin