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Squeeze Your...

Last night at class I was concentrating on compression. I wanted the class to see the places in Naihanchi Shodan where we compress our bodies, expand, and re-compress.

I spoke about lowering the shoulders, squeezing the muscles in the back, sides, chest, abs, thighs, buttocks... We pretended to hold a big ball in front of our chest and lower stomachs, and practiced squeezing down and up on it. We practiced using the koshi in a rotational way, not like a Lazy Susan (flat rotation), but rotating in angles.

We worked on this for each movement in Naihanchi Shodan. Over and over. Again and again. I tried everything I could to get the students to feel it and experience it.

After class, one of the seniors came up to me and said, "You forgot to say squeeze your lats."

He was right. After all that, I said everything except the most basic thing!

Tuck your koshi and squeeze your lats.


Charles C. Goodin