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Demonstration Feedback

After our demonstration, I told all our students and instructors that they did great!

But of course, we all made many mistakes, myself most of all. Doing great is one thing. Doing a kata correctly is quite another. We all have a lot to learn and working on ourselves is a never ending process. Karate is always a "work in progress."

Over the last ten years, I have probably told my second son Charles (the head of our dojo) that his arms are held too low about a thousand times... really. I always tell him, "your arms are too low, your arms are too low." Since he is taller than me, I tell him that he cannot copy my arm positions since I am shorter. He has to move according to his size, not mine.

My son never seemed to get it. I know that it is hard to listen to your own father.

But when he watched the video of the demonstration, the first thing he said was, "My arms are too low!" He could see it for himself.

My wife and I had to laugh because I had told him the same thing so many times.

So don't be satisfied if someone tells you that you did great. Critique yourself mercilessly. Observe your errors and correct them. Keep working on yourself! Seek improvement day by day.

And son, see I was right about your arms (smile).


Charles C. Goodin