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High Def Karate

The other day I went to my mother's house. A few months ago she bought a new 42 inch, flat panel, LCD, high-def television. Well, when I went over, she was watching a high def broadcast of American Idol. I actually went over to check on her because she had been hit on the leg with a golf ball (she is fine) but I was captivated by the television. IT WAS SO CLEAR!

I mean it was really, really, really clear. Her television is high def and the show was high def. The two together were awesome. You literally could see individual hairs on the performers' heads. I watched for several minutes and then asked, "So how is your leg?"

My mom is an avid golfer. Her friend hit a ball that ricocheted off a tree and hit my mother on the side of the knee. Luckily, my mom only seems to have a bruise, but because she loves golf so much, I am sure that she will wear the bruise with pride.

Back to the television and the reason for this post (I'm sure you were wondering where I was going).

Well, when I started training with my Sensei in Okinawa is was as if my Karate reception suddenly went high def. It all became so clear! The fine details were there to see. It was awesome. The same things I had "known" for so many years suddenly became clear, sharp, bright, and full. It was like watching American Idol on my mom's television -- same show but what a difference.

Everything is there in traditional Karate. You just have to have a clear reception. Your personal television has to be able to receive a high def signal.

Hurray for high def Karate!


Charles C. Goodin