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Fukyugata Ichi Movement Principles

Later this week, I am going to guest teach a class of a friend of mine. the subject will Fukyugata Ichi Movement Principles. Here is my outline:

  • To block/strike from where the hands are
  • To move by falling
  • To turn without turning
  • Hanmi (slanted body alignment)
  • To fold/squeeze the body, delayed
  • To draw the feet (zig zag)
  • To move on a line (as with a bo)
  • Timing of block/strike and foot placement/shifting the weight
  • Elbows as if tied with rubber bands
  • Bounding energy
  • Koshi...
To me, Fukyugata Ichi is like origami!

I enjoy guest teaching, as it gives me an opportunity to work on the way I explain and demonstrate the principles of movement and body dynamics.


Charles C. Goodin