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Fighting Sugar Update

In Fighting Sugar, I described my battle with sugar. I stopped drinking soda about 5 months ago, after a near lifetime of addiction. As I mentioned, if you drink just one Pepsi each day, that's about 33 pounds of sugar in a year. I could drink more than one, particularly at the movies.

I realized that much of my sugar intake was in drinks. So I stopped drinking soda and instead drank brewed iced tea with only one tablespoon of honey in a large pitcher. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that the tea tasted really good so I asked my wife how much honey she put in the pitcher that time. She replied that she had forgotten to put any honey. I finally was tasting just the tea.

So now I drink iced tea with no sugar or honey at all... and I like it. I will drink some fruit juice once in a while, but I usually dilute it because it tastes too sweet.

I have thought about it and I now think that sugar is like a drug. The sugar producers want us to consume as much of it as possible. However, I have never heard a doctor say, "You need more sugar in your diet." Just the opposite.

Recently, my good friend and senior, Sensei Pat Nakata, sent me an email with information about how sugar causes cancer cells to grow. This makes a lot of sense. I think that sugar must be like fertilizer for all sorts of harmful things.

So why do we consume so much? Probably because we just do not think about the consequences.

As Karate students, we should try our best to be healthy and in good shape. Every serious weightlifter or body builder I have ever met has said that diet is just as important as working out. Serious athletes carefully watch what they eat.

So should we. What good is self defense if we destroy ourselves with a reckless diet?

I still enjoy some cake here and there, especially if my wife or daughter make them, but I do not crave or miss sugar. I think that my immune system has been working better too, which would make sense if sugar is basically a fertilizer for sickness and disease.

I will keep you informed of my progress.


Charles C. Goodin