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A Day in the Life...

I recently went to the funeral of a family friend, a man who was 101. He led a full and rich life, so the funeral was really a celebration.

Like many funerals, the family had made a photo collage showing photographs from the man's long life. A caption read: "A day in the life of a great man."

A life is made up of so many years, so many days, so many hours, so many minutes, so many seconds. When we get caught up in the day to day pressures and deadlines, we tend to lose sight of this. We let time slip by.

If a photo was taken of your life today, would the caption read: "A day in the life of a great man"?

Or would it read, "Too busy," "Not enough time", or "Maybe tomorrow"?

What would the caption read?

We can't change the captions for our yesterdays, but we do have editorial control of our tomorrows. We can try our best to make each day, "A day in the life of a great man!"

... like my family friend who lived to 101!


Charles C. Goodin