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Could Have Done Better

A student was taking video of his Sensei performing kata.

"Sensei," the student asked, "May I put video of you doing kata ten years ago on the internet?"

"No," answered the Sensei. "I am not satisfied with that video because I have learned since then."

"How about film from last year?"

The answer was the same.

"How about the film I am taking right now? Surely that must be OK."

"No, tomorrow I will have realized that I could have done better."

Some Sensei -- the best ones in my experience -- never seem to be satisfied with themselves. They are not satisfied even with what they are doing right now... it could be better.

Other instructors, I have observed, seem to talk and talk about their accomplishments from years, even decades ago. Looking back too much, one might strain his neck!

There is no end to learning in Karate. One step leads to another and another. But this requires constant work.

Don't be satisfied. Everyone can do better.


Charles C. Goodin