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Belts and Rank?

If you have read this blog for a while you know my view about belts and rank. I probably sound like a one note song on this subject.

Krista De Castella, a student at Sensei Morio Higaonna's Naha dojo recently wrote about this subject at her Memoirs of a Grasshopper blog. See:

I remember that when Higaonna Sensei visited my dojo, he asked why so many students wore white belts. When I explained that I give no kyu ranks and that all students wear white belts until they become shodan, he gave a big happy smile.

Last night at our dojo, we used belts in an excercise to "twist and wind" when beginning a block. Two people held belts and a student pulled on the belts using his lats and back muscles. This is almost like lifting weights with a cable machine... but with belts and partners instead of weights.

Now to me, that's a good use of belts!


Charles C. Goodin