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Skill and Intelligence

I recently wrote about Skill and Conditioning. In that post, I stated:

It is important to hone your skills. It is also important to condition your body to provide the best vehicle possible for the expression of such skills. The two go hand in hand.
I would like to add a third factor. You must get into good shape to provide the best vehicle possible for the physical expression of your skill. You must also train your mind in order to provide the best vehicle possible for the understanding and expression of your skill, particularly when teaching the art.

You do not want to be a Karate brute. Instead, you want to be a cultured gentleman (or lady), skilled in both the physical and the mind.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying that you should not be in great shape. You should. It is just that you should also be in great mental shape.

For young students, I would urge them to try to get the best education possible. Ideally, a student should strive to obtain a college degree. I urge my own children to strive for a graduate degree as well.

I know that this is not always possible, but it is a good goal to work toward. If Karate training helps a student to be determined, it should also give him the determination and drive to pursue higher education. In addition, a good education could help the student to obtain a job that will enable him to further pursue his Karate training throughout his life.


Charles C. Goodin