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Rank Fee Schedule

I thought I would list our dojo's schedule of dan ranking related fees.

  • Testing Fee:
  • Belt Fee:
  • Certificate Fee:
  • Annual Renewal Fee:
  • Retesting Fee:
  • Reissuance of Lost Certificate Fee:
  • Recertification Fee:
  • Title Fee:
  • Fee to Have Certificate Signed by Dignitary:
  • Fee to Have Photo Taken With Dignitary Awarding Certificate:
The reason you don't see any dollar amounts listed above is because we do not charge any such fees! But I am pretty sure that you have seen similar fees over the years, and perhaps some others that might get pretty creative. It is amazing how many ways people can come up with to charge money!

I think that rank is something you earn by sincere hard work, not something you can purchase. And the idea is to develop skill and a good character.

There was a Karate instructor. He was so good that his gi made a loud noise whenever he executed a technique... "ka-ching, ka-ching!"

Three students were arguing about which of them was the best.

"My instructor is the most famous," said the first, "so I am the best!"

"My instructor is a great champion," said the second, "so I am the best!"

"I have you both beat," boasted the third. "I am certainly the best."

"But your instructor is neither famous nor a champion," said the first.

"And to tell the truth, he is not very skilled," said the second.

"That may be true," conceded the third, "but he charged me a fortune for my shodan certificate!" "I must be the best!"

The best things in life are free.


Charles C. Goodin