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Parking Lot Courtesy

If you and your Sensei are parked side by side or near to each other, and you are both in your cars and about to leave the parking lot at the same time, what should you do?

You should wait for your Sensei to pull out of his parking lot first. After he leaves, then you can pull out of your parking lot and leave.

In the dojo, you would not cut in front of your Sensei. You should show courtesy. The same applies in the parking lot, and anywhere for that matter. I only referred to the the parking lot scenario because it is something you are likely to experience frequently.

I follow the same rule if my wife and I are leaving a parking lot at the same time. I always let her leave first. If we are both going home, I will follow behind her.

I know that some of you are thinking, "She must be your Sensei!"

Actually, I do this so that I will be in a better position to assist my wife if she has car trouble, an accident, or some other driver gives her trouble. If I am behind her, I can easily stop and help. If I were in front of her, I might not see the problem and continue on home.

My secondary point is that the courtesy we show to our Sensei is the same courtesy that we can show to other people. The real dojo is daily life.


Charles C. Goodin