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Memories of Karate by Chotoku Kyan

I received the current issue of Classical Fighting Arts today. One of the article is Memories of Karate by Chotoku Kyan. It is a translation of a May 1942 Ryukyu Shinpo newspaper article that was either written by Kyan or was an interview of him. My friend, Kiko Asai-Ferreira (wife of Prof. Kimo Ferreira) was the translator.

This may be only the second such article ever found with the words and thoughts of Kyan Sensei. If you are interested in Kyan and the experts of his age, I highly recommend that you obtain a copy. The article also has several historic photos of Kyan. There are also other historic photos accompanying other artices in the issue.

I would purchase a journal for just one historic photo. This issue is filled with them.

I did not write an article for this issue. Actually, I was interviewed about the Hawaii Karate Museum and our establishment of the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at the University of Hawaii. It was a little strange to be the interviewee.


Charles C. Goodin