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The Loudest Supporter/Critic

Over the years I have noticed that the most vocal supporter for a Sensei, while he trains with him, sometimes becomes the loudest critic of the Sensei, when he leaves him.

The student who shouts "My Sensei is the best", might later yell, "That man is the worst!" Of course, these things happen in all things, not only in Karate.

But because of my observation, I now pay closer attention when a student or instructor is very vocal in his support for his Sensei. Why is he doing this? Is he sincerely sharing his view about his Sensei, or is he actually trying to draw attention to himself? Is he really saying, "Look at me!"

Being too loud is not a good thing. If a student is too vocal in his support of his Sensei, his Sensei will feel uncomfortable and probably scold him. But then again, some Sensei might enjoy the praise! Then the student and Sensei would seem to deserve each other.

I will tell you another observation I have made. When a student finds a truly great Sensei he might actually want to keep it quiet!


Charles C. Goodin