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A Japanese Karate Instructor

This is a story.

A Japanese Karate instructor thought that he was better than instructors from other countries, since after all, Karate is from Japan (remember, this is just a story). So one day, as he was walking around a residential neighborhood handing out brochures for his Karate class, he stopped and knocked on a door. A young boy answered.

The instructor introduced himself and described his class. The boy, not being very sophisticated, asked, "Why should I learn Karate from you?"

The instructor replied proudly, "I am Japanese and learned Karate in Japan."

The boy invited the instructor into his house and took him to the living room. The instructor followed, certain that he had a new student. The boy stopped at a large television in the living room and said, "Can you please fix this?" he asked. "It is broken."

The instructor was confused. "I am a Karate instructor," he said, "not a television repair man!"

"Well," said the boy," if you're good at Karate because you're from Japan, I figured that you could fix this television because it's from Japan too."

Being from Japan does not make one any better at Karate than anyone else, just as being from the United States does not make one better at baseball. It all comes down to hard work and perseverance... period.


Charles C. Goodin