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Who Would You Want?

I know many Karate experts, as well as experts in other martial arts. There are many ways to think about their varying levels of expertise. Ranks and titles are often used as measures by some people, although I do not put too much weight in them. Dojo size can be misleading too. Skill in the abstract is hard to measure.

I had a thought today during lunch. If I were attacked by 10 people, who would I want to be there with me? Which expert could I count on? For purposes of this exercise, I assume that each expert is in his prime (so that age is not a factor).

It is really funny (or perhaps not so) but I pretty quickly narrowed my choices to just three or four people. If you were attacked by 10 people, who would you want to be with you?

Of course, if this scenario ever happened, I would hope that my chosen expert could take on 9 of the attackers so that I could try to reason with the 10th! I'm afraid that I would not be on anyone's list to be their expert! But I would be a good witness (and I could later write a good article about it).

This made me remember something my father-in-law told me. When he was in the Navy his friend would sometimes come get him when there was going to be a big fight, something that seemed to happen pretty often. My father-in-law and his friend would stand back to back so that no one could hit them from behind. They could count on each other.

My father-in-law later practiced Kenpo at the CHA-3 organization under Professor Marino Tiwanak.


Charles C. Goodin