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Fighting Sugar

For the last three months, or so, I have been engaged in a very serious fight -- against sugar. Please don't think I am joking. I am completely serious.

You have to understand that I believe that Karate should be part of a healthy lifestyle. You would think that senior Karate sensei would naturally lead a healthy lifestyle. In many cases, you would be wrong. It seems that at least some sensei smoke, drink, and eat unhealthy food with zeal! Sensei who travel to teach are often wined and dined, aggravating the problem.

I never smoked, drank, or took illegal drugs. But I did have a sweet tooth. In particular, I really liked to drink Pepsi. I would drink at least one each day, sometimes more. At California Pizza, they refill softdrinks. If I had a Pepsi, I would keep drinking it as long as they refilled it. At a movie, I could drink an extra large Pepsi by myself.

As a result, when I would go in for my cholesterol tests, I would always have problems with my triglycerides and sugar levels. My last test was better, but I wanted to improve my sugar level. So I stopped drinking Pepsi altogether. None!

Instead, I decided to drink Lipton tea. We make it at home and add only one tablespoon of honey to an entire pitcher of tea. Now I can actually go to a restaurant and order unsweetened tea without putting in any sugar!

So how much sugar is there in Pepsi? The label says that there is 41 grams in a can. That is about 9 1/2 teaspoons of sugar. Today I calculated how much sugar that would be if you drank one can of Pepsi for a year. It would be just about 33 pounds (32.992)! For Hawaii people, a bag of rice weighs about 20 pounds, so that is like a bag and a half of sugar!

Can you imagine consuming that much sugar? And that is just one Pepsi a day. Imagine how much more is in cookies, cake, ice cream, etc. Fruit juice is also filled with sugar.

We all practice Karate hard. But training is not enough. Just like serious weight lifters, we must also watch what we eat and drink.

I have given up Pepsi and decided to try my best to eat and drink in a more healthy way. This is part of my Karate training. I'm actually drinking tea (with just a little honey) right now.


Charles C. Goodin