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"Serious Karate Man"

Sometimes I will ask a senior about a Karate instructor I am about to meet or might have recently heard about. Two statements mean a lot.

The first is that the instructor is "serious." This means that he actually practices Karate and does so in a serious manner. His Karate book is written is sweat. This instructor is someone to be taken seriously.

The second statement is that the instructor is "sincere." This means that the instructor actually practices Karate as part of his daily life. His Karate training is not simply a physical thing.

It is possible for an instructor to be serious but not sincere or sincere but not serious. The first would be shallow and potentially dangerous. The second would be weak.

When I hear that an instructor is both serious and sincere, that is really something! He is someone I look forward to meeting!


Charles C. Goodin