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Vote, Vote, Vote

Elections here in the United States will be held next Tuesday. Whatever your political persuasion may be, it is important that you exercise your right to vote. I would say that voting is not just a right, it is a responsibility.

Karate is not political, at least not in a governmental sense. However, part of being a good Karate student is being a good citizen.

The people you vote for might not win, but at least your vote will be counted. You will have expressed your opinion. As the saying goes, if you do not vote, you should not complain.

I am a father of four children, three of whom are already adults. My wife and I encourage our adult children to vote. In Hawaii, it is very easy to vote by absentee ballot, so there is no excuse for not voting.

When I ask people why they do not vote, a common reason I hear is the fear of getting picked for jury duty (based on voter rolls). However, there are other ways that potential jurors are selected, and jury duty is an important civic responsibility.

So please vote. I am not suggesting that you vote one way or another, or for one candidate or another. That is completely up to you.


Charles C. Goodin