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One Good Punch

Did you see the last MMA match with Kimbo Slice? He got caught with a good punch and that was it. The match was over in 14 seconds.

Kimbo Slice appears to be a very tough fighter and I am sure that he is extremely strong. But anyone can be dropped by a good punch, even someone as tough as him. If he can be dropped, how much more so could I? I am only 5 foot 8 inches tall and 167 pounds. Plus I am 50.

And what if that punch had been to a spot that could have done permanent damage? A single punch can kill. On the street, a punch might stun or knock someone out and he could die hitting his head on the curb. It happens.

My point is that as Karate students, we have to realize that one good punch could drop us. We have to be on guard for this and not underestimate an attacker. Even a lucky punch could drop or injure us. With multiple attackers, the danger increases.

A person who fights a lot might win. But eventually, the odds are that he will be injured or even killed. That is why Karate techniques must only be used as a last resort, not lightly. This applies to the beginner and the most senior instructor alike.

There is another side to this. If we punch someone, they could be severely injured or even die. Even if we think we are holding back, we could do serious damage. Accidents happen. We are responsible for our actions. If there is no way to avoid it, we have to use Karate techniques. Then and only then can we justify the consequences.

I noticed that Mr. Slice seemed to be OK after the match and that he appeared to be a very good sport. I'm glad that he was not injured badly.

I enjoy watching MMA matches with my sons, but I always fear that someone might be killed or permanently disabled one day... I hope this never happens.


Charles C. Goodin