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Hawaii Karate Museum Collection -- Soon

All of the books being donated to the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at the Hamilton Library of the University of Hawaii are boxed and ready to go. There are over 1,000 books and over 1,000 journals, plus many multimedia items (video, DVDs, film). Due to the schedule of the university's freeze-dry facility (all the books have to be freeze dried to eliminate any mold or mildew), the donation will probably take place the third week of this month (October 2008).

If you have any Karate or martial arts books that you would like to include in the collection at the time it is established, please contact me:

Charles C. Goodin
Hawaii Karate Museum
98-211 Pali Momi Street, Suite 640
Aiea, Hawaii 96701 USA

e-mail: goodin@hawaii.rr.com

Time is short, but I can still process donations received in the next two weeks. Older books (in English or Japanese) are especially desired. We will continue to list all books and donors at our Rare Karate Book Collection website.

Also, I wanted to let people know that once the donation is made and processed, and the books are indexed (an expensive process since so many books are in Japanese), books in the collection will qualify for inter-library loans, both in the United States and internationally. This means that Karate researchers and enthusiasts around the world will have access to some of the rarest Karate materials.

Thank you very much to everyone around the world who has donated Karate books to the Hawaii Karate Museum and supported our efforts.

Whats next? Even more work to preserve the history of Karate in Hawaii and the world.


Charles C. Goodin