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Sharp Elbows

The other day, I was pairing off with my third son, who is much stronger and faster than I am. I was pretty fast when I was young (at least I thought so). But my third son is much faster than I ever was. I attribute this to his Kendo training in addition to Karate training. I was never as strong as he is. In the language of people his age, he is sick strong.

So as we were pairing off, I started to go faster. No matter how fast I attacked, he could block faster. It was a blur. But all of a sudden he pulled back. His palm (the flashy area below his thumb) had struck the tip of my elbow. It seemed that the tip of my elbow had penetrated almost to the bone. It was great!

I was just punching and not trying to clip him with my elbows. He struck my elbow, not vice versa.

My point is that elbows are great! Even if the opponent is stronger and faster, they can help us to make a point. (Sorry)

I am very fortunate that all four of my children have practiced Karate with me, and my three younger children (aged 22, 19 and 15) still do. My oldest son (aged 26) is always there for dojo events and practices Kendo when he can.

I can't wait to have grandchildren to teach Karate!


Charles C. Goodin