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Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Encyclopedia

I am writing this post primarily to members of Kishaba Juku and students of Sensei Katsuhiko Shinzato. However, it may also interest Karate students of all styles.

After many years of hard work, the Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Encyclopedia (746 pages) has recently been released. Shinzato Sensei was a member of the committee that worked on the book, and he is listed as one of the three primary authors.

The committee members were (to my knowledge, and not in any order): Shigeru Takamiyagi, Keicho Tabaru, Morio Higaonna, Toru Kadekaru, Miwa Kanazawa, Tokumasa Miyagi, Kiyoshi Tsuha, Katsuhiko Shinzato, Masahiro Nakamoto, and Masaru Agarie. I'm sure that you will recognize many of these great Karate Sensei. On my last visit to Okinawa, I was fortunate to meet Takamiyagi Sensei and Nakamoto Sensei, and to see Higaonna Sensei again (he had visited Hawaii earlier).
Shinzato Sensei wrote several of the Karate masters profiles in the book and other articles, including articles and profiles that appear on:

  • pages 104~110
  • pages 168~169
  • page 179
  • page 184
  • pages 209~223
  • pages 236~239
  • pages 376~377 (Arakaki, Ankichi)
  • pages 386~387 (Itarashiki, Chochyu)
  • pages 395 (Iraha, Choko)
  • page 396 (Ueshiro, Ansei)
  • page 407 (Ohama, Nobumoto)
  • page 408 (Omine, Chotoku)
  • pages 412 (Kaneshima, Shinsuke)
  • pages 413 (Kana, Kenwa)
  • pages 413 (Kishaba, Chokei)
  • pages 417 (Gima, Shinjo)
  • pages 418 (Kyan, Shinei)
  • page 418 (Kyan, Chotoku)
  • pages 419 ~420 (Kyan, Chofu = Chotoku's father)
  • pages 425~426 (Kushi, Jokei)
  • pages 430~431 (Kojo, Kafu)
  • page 435 (Shima, Masao)
  • pages 441~442 (Shimabukuro, Taro)
  • pages 448~449 (Shinjo, Heitaro)
  • pages 484~485 (Nakasone, Genwa)
  • pages 487~488 (Nagamine, Shoshin)
  • page 489 (Nakamura, Seigi)
  • page 490 (Nakamura, Yoshio)
  • pages 492 (Narahara, Shigeru)
  • pages 516~517 (Makabe, Choken)
  • pages 527 (Miki, Jisaburo)
  • pages 529~530 (Miyagi, Shikichi)
  • pages 537 (Mutsu, Mizuho)
  • pages 542~543 (Yagi, Meitoku)
  • pages 544~545 (Yabu, Kentsu)
  • pages 557~559
  • pages 702~725 Karate chronology
Kishaba Juku students will recognized many Sensei in our lineage (and others). There are also many excellent photographs of these Sensei, including Nakamura Sensei, both Kishaba Sensei(s), and Shinzato Sensei.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the encyclopedia is in Japanese. However, it is hoped that there will be an English translation. But for me, the photographas are great! The list price of the book is 15,000 Yen (about 150 US dollars). I do not have information about where and how the book can be purchased yet. I received a copy as a donation to the Hawaii Karate Museum. When I get more information, I will post it.

I know that Shinzato Sensei and the other committee members have worked very hard on this project for many years. I feel that we, in Kishaba Juku, are very fortunate to have a Sensei who is not only technically amazing, but a scholar are well -- not to mention one of the nicest people you could ever have the good fortune of meeting. Also, many of us are so lucky that he is so fluent in English (at least for myself, I do not speak or write Japanese). Shinzato Sensei is just back to Okinawa after teaching in Slovenia.

Shinzato Sensei was also very considerate to include photographs and information about some of the great Karate master who visited and lived in Hawaii. I was personally very moved to see these.

I hope that you will have the opportunity to acquire or view the new Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Encyclopedia. Our museum's copy will soon be a part of the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at the Hamilton Library of the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus.

Congratulations and a big Mahalo (thank you) to all the writers and contributors to the new Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Encyclopedia!


Charles C. Goodin