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Grab What?

When Sensei Chosin Chibana explained that turning in kata often represented throws, my friend and senior, Sensei Pat Nakata, asked him what you are supposed to grab if the attacker is not wearing a gi. This was a logical question. In Judo, the gi is integral to many types of throws.

Chibana Sensei promptly demonstrated how to throw without a gi. He grabbed two parts of Nakata Sensei's body. Do you know or can you guess, what parts of the body Chibana Sensei grabbed? Can you name other parts of the body that could be used? Let's leave out the arms and legs to make it more interesting.

I am going to create a large white space and put the answers below (please scroll down).


Chibana Sensei grabbed Nakata Sensei by the side of the neck and the ear.

Throws, take downs, and other control techniques can also be applied using the following (among others):

  • hair
  • inside of the cheek
  • eye sockets
  • nostrils (especially from the back)
  • chin
  • the entire neck (as in a wrap)
  • the armpit area
  • the groin
Old Karate tegumi (grappling) techniques were not limited by sport-type rules and the objective was not simply to put the attacker on the ground. After a tegumi technique, the attacker was usually severly injured.


Charles C. Goodin