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Book Donation Very Close!

The Hawaii Karate Museum is very near to its book donation to the University of Hawaii to establish the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at the Hamilton Library. I estimate that we are within 2 weeks of the transfer -- just sorting and indexing the final books. We will have almost 50 boxes of books in all!

But as we prepare for the transfer, we continue to purchase books and receive donations. Please see our Seinenkai.com website and click on What's New? In the last month, we have received book donations from Ian Ferguson, Sensei Don Roberts, and Grand Master Fusei Kise. We receive many books as donations, which enables us to concentrate on the very old and rare titles. The 13 part Goju-Ryu series we just acquired is very hard to find (we were very lucky).

When our donation is complete, we will continue to acquire and receive books, which we will in turn add to the university collection. Our new goal is for this collection to be the most complete collection of historic Karate materials in the world (yes, the world).

With your help, I am certain that we can succeed.

If you have already donated books to the collection, a heartfelt thank you! Soon it will be part of one of the only university level Karate collections in the world.

And if you happen to have Motobu Sensei's two books and Karate-Do Taikan... please....

And if anyone happens to have a million dollars or so, we can round out the book collection very nicely! (smile)


Charles C. Goodin