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Who Is The Strongest?

I have three sons who are 26, 22 and 19. They are all 5 foot 10 or 5 foot 11 and very strong. My second and third sons are in excellent shape.

I work out too, but certainly cannot lift as much as them, and I am not quite 5 foot 8. So they think that they are stronger than me.

But when there is a big cockroach in the house, who do you think that everyone calls? My sons? No way! They are big chickens. My wife and daughter are naturally excused from the chore.

I am the only one in the family who can deal with the problem. So despite being smaller and weaker than my sons, I think that I am the strongest! I am the cockroach executioner.

If you do not live in Hawaii, you have to understand that our tropical conditions produce some super cockroaches we call B-52s. Of course, we do not say "cockroach", we say "cock-a-roach." And while the B-52s are bad, the softer striped ones are even worse -- because they are more gooky when you hit or squash them!

Being strong is a relative thing. True strength is being able to deal with what needs to be dealt with.


Charles C. Goodin