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Weapons Price -- All Relative

A while back, I bought a used pair of Shureido natural finish sai for about $180. They are really nice and I bring them to class, rather than my blacksmith made pair. I don't want to risk losing the antique pair.

$180 may seem like a lot of money for a pair of sai. But my mother has spent $400 for a single golf club. At least sai come in pairs. And my mother needs many different golf clubs.

One of my relatives is learning to play the ukulele. Guess what? He is buying a nice one for $3,000! That's 3 thousand dollars. He's not even a professional musician.

So $180 is really not that much for a nice pair of sai. A good pair should last for your entire life, and you can even leave them to your children or students. I really like the older Shureido sai, particularly the natural finish and stainless steel versions.

I'll tell you what was more expensive than the sai themselves. Many years ago I tore my rotator cuff using a pair of sai incorrectly -- flip, flip, rip! The surgery and recovery were really expensive!


Charles C. Goodin