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Thank You!

From time to time I receive email and messages from readers of this blog. Some are from Karate instructors who mention that this blog gives them some ideas for things to discuss in their own classes. Some are from students of other martial arts, who indicate that some of the subjects discussed here also apply to their arts.

I am very grateful for the positive feedback.

This blog started out because I wanted to write down some of the things I heard my own Sensei (plural) say in their classes over the years. It evolved to include many of the things I say in my own classes, or just think about.

While they are still in your mind, please do not miss the opportunity to write down the pearls of wisdom you have heard from your own Sensei. Trust me, the time will come when your memory will dim. It is a little like writing down your dreams when you wake up -- at first your memories are vague and incomplete, but soon you will be able to fill pages and pages. The process of thinking about what you learned re-activates the memories.

Please write it down for future generations of students.

We all basically learn the same thing.


Charles C. Goodin