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A Special Book

This is a story.

A Karate student purchased an extremely rare Karate book that was naturally very expensive. He was certain that this special book would teach him the secrets of Karate.

One day, he got into a fight and was easily defeated. He could not believe it because he had read every word of the book and memorized every technique. He went to his instructor and described what had happened. His instructor tactfully said that the techniques of Karate cannot be learned from books, but only by diligent practice.

"But you don't understand," complained the student, "the book was a first edition and signed by the author!"

Do you see? The issue is not the cost or rarity of the book. It could be printed with golden ink on silk pages and it still would make no difference. The book of Karate is written in sweat -- your own sweat.


Charles C. Goodin