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Setting the Bar High

It is hard to be more skilled than other people. It is hard to double your skill. Sometimes it is hard to become even 5% better.

My own bar is set ridiculously high. My Shorin-Ryu Sensei in Hawaii has always advised me to make sure that my Karate training is not less than my work for the Hawaii Karate Museum. Because of the generosity of many people in Hawaii and around the world, the museum has done very well indeed.

So how is my Karate training supposed to be just as successful?

It means that I will have to work extremely hard for the rest of my life. Then I also have to try to become as skilled as my own Sensei here in Hawaii and in Okinawa. Now that is impossible! And I am very fortunate to know so many skilled Sensei. How can I ever hope to come close to them?

It is good to challenge yourself, to set the bar extremely high.

If you aim for 5 you might get it. But if you aim for 100 and fail, you might still get to 99! Let's aim for 1,000!


Charles C. Goodin