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Perfect Karate Body

During the Olympics, I often heard that this person has a perfect body for a swimmer, that person has a perfect body for a sprinter, etc. You can tell that certain body types and frames seem to be best for certain sports. You generally do not see a skinny person competing in the shot put.

Is there a perfect body for Karate?

This is an interesting question. If we view Karate as a sport, it would seem that a certain height, weight and frame might be considered best or optimum.

But in Karate, we have to take ourselves as we are. The objective is to defend our own bodies -- not some perfect body. If we are short, we have to defend ourselves. If we are tall, we have to defend ourselves. Whatever our build, whatever our limitations, we have to defend our own bodies.

Perfect or not, our bodies are our bodies.

Of course, we can try to get into the best shape possible. We can try to overcome our limitations and maximize our strengths.

We are how we are. So are the attackers. They have weaknesses too. A short attacker, a tall attacker, a very strong attacker, we have to be able to defend ourselves against whoever might attack us. We have no choice.

Elder Okinawans here in Hawaii told me a saying. In English is goes like this: "No matter how tall and strong you are, you will bow down and become short if you are kicked in the testicles." Some added that this is the reason the Naihanchi kata begin with your hands sort of covering your groin -- to protect your testicles.

There are no weight or age categories in self-defense. It is an open tournament with no rules.

The perfect Karate body for you is the one you have. The only question is whether you have optimized it and know how to defend it.


Charles C. Goodin