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My Own Olympic Medals

If I could, I would like to give Olympic medals to some people...

To all the Sensei who have taught Karate in their garages and carports so that they could teach for free or keep their fees very low for their students.

To all the Sensei who never earned a dime teaching Karate, and actually spent a fortune on their students and guests from the orient and the mainland.

To all the Sensei who taught week after week, missed vacations, and arranged their lives around teaching their students.

To all the Sensei who taught that values are more important than techniques, and that character is more important than mere conditioning.

To all the Sensei who made their students feel that they belonged and were valuable human beings.

To all the Sensei who taught that Karate should be studied together with Okinawan culture and values.

To all the family members who supported their Karate Sensei fathers, uncles, brothers, etc.

To all the students who attended class regularly, tried their best, applied what they learned in the dojo in their daily lives, and sold sweatbread and Portuguese sausage to raise funds for demonstrations, trips, and visitors.

To all the students who held their temper, avoided fights, and tried to help rather than hurt others.

To all the instructors and seniors who were patient with beginners, and gave them a chance, even if they did not learn quickly.

And personally...

To all my Sensei and seniors, who have always been supportive of my training, research, and Hawaii Karate Museum efforts.

To everyone who has helped me with Japanese translation -- since I do not speak or write Japanese (ironic, no?).

To all the Sensei and their family members who have donated so many priceless books, photographs, weapons and artifacts to the Hawaii Karate Museum. Very soon, those books will have a new home at the University of Hawaii.

To my wife, who has never made me feel bad about be Karate bakka (crazy).

Of course, I am not a fan of medals or trophies, so good thoughts and gratitude will have to do.


Charles C. Goodin