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Hurray For the Olympics!

My family loves to watch the Olympics. My wife and I are old enough now to be parents of most of the athletes and we are always very proud of the way that they try their best to represent their countries.

Last night we were watching the final event in the men's gymnastics team competition and I noticed something interesting. The Chinese team had three Chinese guys, the Japanese team had three Japanese guys, and the American team (in the pommel horse competition) had three Americans who appeared to be Chinese, Indian and Russian. We are truly a land of immigrants!

When I was young, I think I would cheer for the Americans and hope that everyone else did poorly. Now I just hope that everyone does their very best and is safe -- and that the Americans win (of course).

Good luck to everyone participating in the Olympics!

Do I think that Karate should be an Olympic sport? Sorry, but no. I do not view Karate as a sport or performance art.


Charles C. Goodin