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Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at UH -- Update

Last week I signed a donation document for the transfer of the Hawaii Karate Museum's book and periodical collection to the University of Hawaii. The collection will be known as The Hawaii Karate Museum Collection and will be housed at the Hamilton Library on the Monoa Campus of the university. The actual transfer will take place in about one month. I have already begun the process of preparing and boxing the collection for the transfer.

The collection will be maintained permanently. The items cannot be sold, and must be offered back to the Hawaii Karate Museum (free of charge), before they can ever be transferred elsewhere.

The Hamilton Library offers excellent archival and preservation services, 24 hour climate control, Japanese language expertise, security, and circulation procedures.

The rare portion of the collection will be housed in closed shelves. The public may access the rare books only under supervision and the books cannot leave a secure room. The rest of the collection can circulate. This will make the collection available to far more Karate researchers, students and enthusiasts than we ever could. That was always our idea -- to collect the rare Karate books and make them available to as many people as possible.

The public will be able to continue to donate books to the collection directly at the university, or through the Hawaii Karate Museum. And I will continue to acquire rare titles for the foreseeable future. In fact, I acquired some excellent new materials just this week, and am working on some others right now (literally right now on another screen on my computer)!

So I feel that this is a win/win for our museum and the university. We can see the collection safeguarded into the future and the university gets a great collection that generates a lot of public interest. And we are happy to see Karate as a subject worthy of preservation and study at the university level. Happy is not a strong enough word!

In addition, this donation/transfer helps to support the new Center for Okinawan Studies at the university which was opened just last month. Our collection was one of its first projects, and I am certain that the center will treat Karate as an important aspect of Okinawan culture here in Hawaii, in Okinawa, and the world. Next July (2009), we will present an exhibition at the university to mark the one year anniversary of the center and to celebrate the collection.

I will let you know more in the coming weeks. For all the donors, thank you very much and please rest assured that the collection will be preserved and protected. We will also maintain our Hawaii Karate Museum Rare Book Collection website, which has become a reference tool for Karate researchers around the world. Our website will continue to indicate the donor for each book that was donated to the museum, and maintain the existing links.

Could this serve as a model for the creation of other university collections? Let's hope so!

Do you have rare Karate books that you would like to submit to the collection? Now is the time because all the materials will be processed (including freeze drying to kill any mold and organisms) and indexed (including Japanese language indexing for Japanese titles) together. Please contact me (goodin@hawaii.rr.com) if you would like your book to be part of the inaugural Hawaii Karate Museum Collection!


Charles C. Goodin