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Finding the Hawaii Student

This is a story.

A Japanese Karate instructor had three new students who looked exactly alike. His friend told him that one of the students is Japanese, one is Okinawan, and one is from Hawaii, and added, "If you can tell me which is which without speaking or asking them any questions, I will give you $10."

The instructor agreed and ordered the three new students to sit before him in the seiza position. Then he got a wooden stick and went up the first student and hit him hard on the shoulders three times. "Thank you Sensei," yelled the student bowing. "Please do it again!"

"He is from Japan," said the instructor to his friend.

Next he hit the second student on the shoulders three times. The student just took it and did not say anything.

"He is from Okinawa," concluded the instructor.

Finally he went up to the third student and raised the stick. "Listen punk," said the student, "if you hit me with that thing, I'm going to broke your ass."

"How was your flight from Hawaii?" asked the instructor.

There is nothing stronger than a pissed off Hawaii student. And it does not matter what ethnic group we belong to -- Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Caucasian, mixed -- when we get "upset", particularly by a cheap shot or arrogant cruelty, we become local Supermans, grab the offender, and say "Listen punk...." Really.


Charles C. Goodin