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Access to Rare Karate Books

Someone asked me how I will access the books in the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection after our museum transfers them to the University of Hawaii.

I will access them the same way as everyone else -- through the Hamilton Library's usual circulation procedure for most books and through the closed shelf procedure for rare books.

While this will be more difficult for me personally, it will be many times more convenient for everyone else. The idea of creating the collection was to share it with the public, not keep it locked up. In addition, for most visitors to Hawaii, it is easier to visit the University of Hawaii at Manoa (roughly straight toward the mountains from Waikiki) than it is to visit Aiea where our museum is located (roughly mountain side of the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor).

I look forward to the day -- hopefully very soon (after archival and indexing)-- when the entire collection will be accessible to the public!

Now I have to get back to packing boxes.

If anyone has originals of Motobu Sensei two books (1926 and 1932), this would be a great time to include them in the collection.


Charles C. Goodin