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1,000 Repetitions

A college physics student was having a hard time. The final exam was fast approaching and he knew that he was not properly prepared. He feared that he would flunk. Finally, in desperation he went to see the professor.

"Professor," he said, "I have been studying hard every day and still nothing makes sense." "I fear that I will fail your class."

"You study hard every day?" asked the professor.

"Yes, every day without fail."

"And you still do not get the subject?"

"No, not at all," confessed the student.

The professor thought about it. Finally he asked, "tell me how you study."

"I yell 'e=mc2' 1,000 times each day!"

Obviously, that is not the way to study physics, nor is it necessarily the best way to study Karate or any other martial art. The martial arts require critical thinking and examination of each and every detail of movement and the transfer of energy. Movements must be viewed under a mental microscope. Mere repetition, while helpful to a certain extent, is not enough.


Charles C. Goodin