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Fukyugata Ni

I recently spoke to senior friend of mine who teaches Goju-Ryu. I commented that the Fukyugata Ni kata, developed by Chojun Miyagi is weird. I can accept that it is weird to me, since I practice Shorin-Ryu. And even though our Fukyugata Ni is actually a Shorin-Ryuized version of Miyagi Sensei's creation, it still is a weird kata. Fukyugata Ichi (created by Shoshin Nagamine), in contrast, is very straightforward, symmetric, and sort of like origami.

I was a little surprised to hear my Goju-Ryu friend say that the kata was weird to him too!

I wonder why Miyagi Sensei didn't use Tensho as the template for Fukyugata Ni -- it looks so much more like a Goju-Ryu type kata.

One thing I have learned over the years by watching my Goju-Ryu friends, is that their Fukyugata Ni (Gekki Sai) has more strikes than our Fukyugata Ni. We have turned many of their strikes into blocks. We have to realize that they are right -- their founder created the kata. We are the ones who are interpreting it through our own eyes. I teach the strikes in our bunkai.

I'm sure that they would do the same thing (reinterpretation) if they did one of our Shorin-Ryu kata -- except that I'm pretty sure that Goju-Ryu people would not do our kata!


Charles C. Goodin