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Eye Gouge

I was watching another mixed martial arts match recently. Two strong fighters were really going at it! I think that the fight was stopped in the third round because of an accidental eye gouge. One of the fighters tried to block a punch with his open hands and accidentally poked the other in the eye.

You have to keep in mind that these were professional fighters. They were in great shape and tough as nails.

But no matter how hard your body might be, your eyes are still soft.

Hitting each other as hard as they could, these fighters could not stop each other. But an accidental eye gouge stopped the fight. Actually, it was not even a gouge. It was more like a light poke. Can you imagine if the fighter actually intended to gouge the eyes? The opponent would almost certainly have been blinded.

Karate is an art of last resort self defense. It is not bound by rules. It is not fair fighting. It is about survival.


Charles C. Goodin