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"Bad" Samaritan

Did you ever notice that you never hear of a "Bad" Samaritan. You only hear about "Good" Samaritans.

Here in Hawaii, there was another tragic case of a Good Samaritan who was killed when he tried to stop a fight that was taking place between a man and woman at a bar. The facts of the case are not completely clear, but the Good Samaritan was stabbed and killed.

Here is my point. When people are fighting they are probably very angry. They might be drunk, on drugs, or both! They might be armed with knives, guns, or other weapons. They might also have friends nearby who are equally angry, drunk, drugged, armed, and ready to fight.

A Good Samaritan is walking into a loaded situation that can easily explode and turn against him. Good Samaritans are usually not angry, drunk, drugged, or armed, and they typically act alone. I would assume that they are not trained fighters either. Another thing I have noticed is that Good Samaritans don't tend to be 6 foot five men weighing 270 pounds.

Good intentions are a poor defense.

Please don't get me wrong. I think that there are times when common decency would require a person to become a Good Samaritan. It is just that the person should understand that he is risking his life. Perhaps the first thing a Good Samaritan should do, if possible, is call the police.

Two people usually get it in a fight: the innocent bystander and the Good Samaritan.

We live in a dangerous world. Good Samaritans deserve a special place in heaven.


Charles C. Goodin