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Two Fine Sensei

Last night, Sensei Angel Lemus, who now resides in Hawaii, visited our dojo. See Zentokukai.com. We practiced Yamani-Ryu Bojutsu (Sakugawa Nu Kun and Shirataru Nu Kun). It was a real pleasure. He also began to teach three yudansha and myself his elbow technique drill. Wow! I really like elbow techniques. I think that the drill as 20+ movements. I can remember the first 3!

This morning, I visited the University of Hawaii Karate class of Sensei Sean Roberts. See Minakami Karate Dojo. I spoke about early Karate in Hawaii and "oldstyle" Karate. Again, it was such a pleasure.

Roberts Sensei is spreading the art of Karate at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am reminded of the way that Gichin Funakoshi spread the art of Karate in universities in Japan. It takes a great deal to teach in the university setting. The classes are large and I would imagine that most students would not be able to stay in the class for long (several years). I admire Roberts Sensei's dedication to the art by teaching at the university.

I am very fortunate to know many fine Sensei. Lemus Sensei and Roberts Sensei are both in their 40s (Lemus Sensei is closer to my age). Most of my Karate friends are considerably older than me. Of the younger Sensei here in Hawaii, I consider Lemus Sensei and Roberts Sensei to be among the finest. I respect their techniques and abilities very much.

To be able to meet with two fine (young) Sensei in just two days is a real treat! It makes me very happy to be a Karate student and instructor.


Charles C. Goodin