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Do You Think You Could Beat Me?

I asked a student, "do you think you could beat me in a fight?"

This student is much taller, faster and stronger than me. The only advantage I have is that I have much more experience in Karate.

The student did not want to answer, but I pressed him until he sort of conceded that he did think that he had a good chance. I have to agree that this student is pretty tough.

But that was not my point.

I then asked the student, "how do you think you would do if I had a razor blade?"

That really changed things! He realized that even if he hit me, he would certainly get cut, probably very badly. A little razor blade made a big difference.

"So you see," I explained, "you can never tell when an attacker might have a razor blade or other concealed weapon." "Even if you feel confident that you are stronger, faster, and a better fighter, you can never know."


Charles C. Goodin