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Tired From Training

Recently, I met a student who used to practice in a former dojo of mine (one where I also used to train). We had not seen each other for some time and she asked if I was still teaching. I answered that I was and she said, "Oh, that must make you tired."

I replied that on the contrary, training gives me energy.

Sure I get winded when I train hard, but it makes me stronger. The more I train, the more I can train, and the faster I can recover.

Training gives me more energy and more time. This is because being in good shape makes it easier for me to focus and work hard. I can get more done in the limited time I have in the day.

Sometimes it is hard to make time to go to class. There are always things to do. But I always feel good after training. I never regret it. It is good for me personally, and I also feel good teaching other students. I feel great when anyone learns something new, especially when a student does something they never thought they could do.

I still train because I enjoy it so much. It makes me healthier and sharper. This is especially important now that I am in my 50s.

I do not get tired by training -- I get tired when I don't train.


Charles C. Goodin