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So Kuchi!

I was speaking to an older Japanese lady today. She was born on the Big Island and lived in a Japanese camp. The sugarcane plantation camps used to be segregated by race. There were Japanese camps, Okinawan camps, Filipino camps, etc.

She described a conversation she had with another lady who had apparently promised to do something but has never done so. So the older Japanese lady said, "She was so kuchi!"

"Kuchi" means "mouth" in Japanese. A person who just talks but does not do something is "so kuchi."

This reminded me of "kuchi bushi," a "mouth warrior" -- someone who only talks Karate. See: Okinawa's Bushi -- Karate Gentlemen.

But a person can be "kuchi" about anything. All talk and no action.

Hearing this very nice lady speak brought a smile to my face, and made me remember to always try my best to follow up my words with action.


Charles C. Goodin