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Seeking Enlightenment

This is a story.

A senior Karate instructor visited his Sensei (a very wise person) and said, "Sensei, I have spent nearly my entire adult life seeking enlightenment and I feel that I am no closer today than I was when I started."

His Sensei replied, "That's right."

The student was a little shaken. He had expected a more encouraging answer, at least some sympathy. Is that all you have to say?" he asked his Sensei.

"No. I should add that your pursuit of enlightenment also explains why your Karate is mediocre. How can you expect to excel at Karate when you do not practice wholeheartedly? You practiced Karate to get something else. You need to simply practice Karate for Karate."

The student thought about his Sensei's words. "Do you mean that if I practice Karate wholeheartedly, I will become enlightened?" he asked.

"No, what I mean is that if you practice Karate wholeheartedly, you will become better at Karate."

The End.


Charles C. Goodin