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"Practical" Karate

I was looking for Karate books online and came across a book with the word "Practical" in its title. That makes me wonder, what kind of Karate is not practical? Has Karate become so influenced by tournaments and commercial considerations that practicality has to be emphasized? This may seem like a ridiculous question, but I have spoken to seniors who feel exactly that way -- that because of tournaments, commercial considerations, and an emphasis on sport, practicality has to be emphasized and re-emphasized.

Goshinjitsu is a way of saying self-defense. It is practical. When goshinjitsu is emphasized, what does that mean? Isn't all Karate supposed to be goshinjitsu?

We must always keep the purpose of Karate in mind. When Karate become impractical and useless for self defense, then what good is it?


Charles C. Goodin