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Mario McKenna's YouTube Videos

I just noticed that Sensei Mario McKenna has uploaded many videos to YouTube. He writes the excellent Okinawa Karate & Kobudo Blog. Please see:

For students of Kishaba Juku, you will notice that Mario has uploaded some Matsubayashi-Ryu kata video. I recognize several of the instructors, many of whom have since gone off in their own directions. But the video seems to be from a pretty big demonstration. I don't know the year or location.

Watching Matsubayashi-Ryu kata performed by these instructors had an interesting effect on me -- it made my back hurt! My posture was very poor when I was a student of Matsubayashi-Ryu. As a result, I often had a sore back and neck. Now (knock on wood), I rarely have such problems, and if I do it is likely from lifting weights rather than Karate practice.

As you know, I do not refer to many online videos. However, McKenna Sensei is very reputable, and I think you might enjoy viewing his very interesting collection.


Charles C. Goodin