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"Looks Good"

The other day I arrived at class a little early and, after sweeping the floor, started to use Windex to clean some dirty spots. As the students arrived, they went about their business. Not one offered to help.

After I finished, I went to put the Windex away. A young student sitting near that closet motioned to the floor and said, "Looks good."

"I said, "You shouldn't say that that the floor looks good -- you should have offered to help. If you saw your mom or dad doing work at home, you would offer to help, wouldn't you?"

That is the point. I did not need any help. I would have almost certainly declined if a student offered. But they should have offered. When they see their parents working, they should offer to help. That is the point. Learning to be helpful at Karate class only has value if it translates to the home, if it applies outside of the dojo. Otherwise, it is like a person who is "holy" only in church.

Don't just say that the floor "looks good." Offer to help. Better yet, just grab a rag and start cleaning the floor without saying anything at all.


Charles C. Goodin